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Connecting intelligent data, handle the entire production flow of a good or cargo service to maintain quality, full-proof delivery, enhanced the customer experience and maximized profitability.

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What can Logical do for you

Product Lifecycle

Product lifecycle trace through right from production to retail store complete with shipment order management providing the entire history.

Track Shipments

Track your goods and shipments as it crosses every checkpoint on it's path. Generate consolidated reports based on shipment logistics.

Reporting & Insights

With our fully equipted customizable dashboard, you can have custom live reports which can be easily audited or validated across networks.

Why Logical?

Along the various supply chains, blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) will raise consumer trust, improve manufacturing and asset management and sharing, allow for secure machine to machine interaction, and accelerate document processing and financial transactions.

Logical is a way to let us take care of the technology side while you focus on your much awaited transformation in supply chain business.

Smart Contract Powered

Smart Contracts can run all major operations and complex transactions embedded via UPI with our integrated blockchain solution.

Let us boost up your supply chain with smart contracts.

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